level the playing field

level the playing field
make it equal for everyone, a level playing field

If we train all employees, we help to level the playing field.

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  • level the playing field — phrase to make a situation fair for all the people involved in it Thesaurus: to change a situationsynonym Main entry: level * * * level the playing field : to make a situation fair for everyone He wants the government to level the playing field… …   Useful english dictionary

  • level the playing field — to give everyone the same advantages or opportunities. It was an effort to level the playing field and achieve greater equality between the sexes. Government funding can level the playing field for political candidates without money. Related… …   New idioms dictionary

  • level the playing field — to make a situation fair for all the people involved in it …   English dictionary

  • playing field — noun 1. the circumstances under which competition occurs the government s objective is to insure a genuinely level playing field for American industry and commerce in Europe • Hypernyms: ↑circumstance 2. a piece of land prepared for playing a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Level playing field — A level playing field is a concept about fairness, not that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that they all play by the same set of rules. A metaphorical playing field is said to be level if no external interference such as… …   Wikipedia

  • level playing field — a state of equality; an equal opportunity. [1980 85] * * * level playing field noun (figurative) A position of equality, from which rivals may compete without either having an unfair advantage • • • Main Entry: ↑level * * * noun [singular] : a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • a level playing field — a place where everyone has an equal chance, level the playing field    A level playing field includes equal pay for equal work for all men and women …   English idioms

  • level playing field — ˌlevel ˈplaying field noun [singular] informal COMMERCE a situation in which different companies, countries etc can all compete fairly with each other because no one has special advantages: • Banks should be able to compete on a level playing… …   Financial and business terms

  • Level Playing Field Institute — The Level Playing Field Institute, also known as LPFI, is a non profit organization which promotes innovative approaches to fairness in higher education and workplaces. The work of the institute is divided into five key areas: Higher education… …   Wikipedia

  • playing field — ➔ level playing field * * * playing field UK US noun [S] ► a particular type of situation: »Globalization and nationalism are two of the most important forces that define the economic playing field of the 21st century. → See also LEVEL PLAYING… …   Financial and business terms

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